Monday, September 27, 2010

Choo-Choo! Coupon Train

Good morning!

I have started a coupon train with a few couponing friends of mine (6 to be exact).  Has anyone else done this? I never have.  I've been googling the heck out of it.

Here's how (Google tells me) it works:

1. A list is compiled of all the people on the "train" and their addresses in numerical order.

2. The first person on the list (me) starts the "train" by mailing an envelope full of unwanted coupons to the next person on the list.

3. That person then goes through the coupons and takes out what she can use and puts in unwanted coupons then mails it to the next person.

4. Then it just keeps getting passed in a circle!

1. Don't take out more coupons than you put in.
2. You must send it to the next person on the list within 3 days of receiving the coupons so everyone gets a chance before they expire.
3. Remove all expired coupons, don't pass them on.
4. Each person will be given a number. Write that number on the back of all the coupons you contribute. When the "train" gets back to you, if you see any coupons with your number on it, throw them out because they have already been through everyone and no body seems to want them. This will reduce the same unwanted coupons going around and around.

Any suggestions?  The train is going to leave the station today.  I'll let you know how it goes! 

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