Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hoo are you??

Night Owl Crafting does these cute little questionnaires and now that I have a blog I can finally participate!


1. List 3 words that remind you of fall.
Pumpkins, leaves, cold weather
2. Do you wear jewelry often?
Wedding rings of course, and usually a necklace.  I rarely wear earring because I always lose them!
3. Do you like your toe nails painted or natural?
My toe nails have never gone longer than 10 minutes being un-painted in the past 10 years. 
4. Do you ever wear a hat?
I was actually asked this question today at work.  Nope! Never.
5. Do you have someone that you talk to everyday on the phone? 
My husband.


  1. We have a lot of the same answers! :)

    I'm your newest follower from Hoo Are You?

  2. I'm so right there with you with needing my toes to not be naked!

  3. word on the whole no nekkid toes!!

    cute blog name, really cute!

  4. LOL you guys with the naked toes.. It's like a taboo isn't it..

    'NO NAKED TOES ALLOWED if your toes are not painted please step aside and let the paint toe gang through ' HAHAHAHA!!

    But totally agree I much, much prefer the painted touch..