Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bathroom storage

...okay no, this isn't hung in my bathroom, but I'm trying to refrain from putting more holes in my walls since I'm going to start packing next month.

 I found this sign from Dollar Tree. I painted it black then covered it with gray fabric.

I just Gorilla Glued 3 mason jars on it and done!

I know one will have Q-tips, one with cotton balls, but the clue. Suggestions?

I know it will look so cute when it's hung up, but that will have to wait until February :(


  1. How about hair clips, scrunchies and such....or maybe tweezers, nail clippers, and other small "tools" like that?

  2. I like Kim's idea! Nail files, clippers, bobby pins, etc. All the little things that tend to collect on the counter if they don't have a home. Great idea and I love that you covered the board with fabric, that will look great on the wall!

  3. Oh that is a good idea! Thank you!