Monday, October 4, 2010

Help me trash my dress!

So 6 weeks and 1 day ago I married my best friend.  I knew way before I even bought my dress that I wanted to "trash" it after the wedding.  I haven't completely decided what I want to do, but it needs to happen soon before it's too cold! (Courtney, you might want to warn Mark...haha) is my dress

I still can't believe I climbed up in this dirty barn...BEFORE the wedding!

Have to have a picture of the kiss!

Okay, I know those last 2 pictures weren't necessary, but I'm having wedding withdrawals.

This is what I want to do with my dress (well...something like these):

I really want to do the paint "war"...but I don't know where I could make such a mess

*I don't own any of the trash the dress photos*

Did any of you do this?  Any suggestions? 

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